Whether you need a luncheon or after-dinner talk, a keynote or plenary address, or a workshop or training session for professionals or the general public, Dr. Kuhn’s presentations are a unique blend of science with art, motivation with inspiration and learning with fun.

Are We Having Fun Yet? – a hilarious presentation that explores the differences between being funny and having fun.

Open Wide and Say “HA!” – how to rediscover your sense of humor and enjoy its many benefits.

Where’s the Pony? – how to keep your sense of humor when there’s nothing to laugh about.

Open Wide and Say “HA!” – how to fill the HA HA HA Prescription, featuring the Ten Commandments of Fun.

Easing Transitions With Humor – examines the impact of constant change and presents humor as a reliable and effective “shock absorber.”

Laughing Through Tears – reviews the process of grief, demonstrating how humor is a paradoxical asset in dealing with loss.

Improv to Improve – the secrets of successful improvisation can build personal resilience, creativity, and fun into every single day.

The Ten Commandments of Fun – practical exercises demonstrating humor principles and strategies for increasing health and success, based on the HA HA HA Prescription.

Humor Strategies for the Workplace – designed for executives, managers, and supervisors who want to create a humor atmosphere for increasing employee morale and productivity, as well as customer satisfaction.

Improv to Improve – improv games demonstrate and unleash the energy of great success.

One on One – coaching which strengthens humor skills for enhancing personal satisfaction and interpersonal effectiveness.

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